About Us

Adventure Immigration

Adventure Immigration Services is a Canadian based incorporated company assisting individuals to immigrate to Canada. We are authorized by Citizenship and Immigration Canada to give advice and / or represent our clients.

Ramesh Nookala, President, Adventure Immigration Services Inc. is a full member (Membership Number R509344) in good standing with the Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC).   With his rich experience and business acumen in Immigration & Education Consulting, Banking, Real Estate and Mortgages, the company has gained the leading edge in terms of building huge network, establishing client trust and maintaining business relationship especially when new clients are referred by  friends and former/existing clients.

We have a wealth of experience in the many possibilities that Canada and its provinces offer for immigrating to one of the best countries in the world to live in (according to the United Nations Human Development Index).

Canada is known as a country with a broad immigration policy which is reflected in its ethnic diversity. With this, Canada is attracting the world’s best minds and talent. People with high level of education and extensive professional and business experience, young people seeking to study for their  Master’s  or Ph.D programs come to Canada under the various immigration categories – Federal Skilled Workers, Investors, Entrepreneur, Self-employed or under each of Canada provinces’ Provincial Nominee Program (PNP).  As well, temporary foreign workers with technical, vocational and skills in hospitality service continue to aspire for, and flock to Canada. Most of Canada’s Temporary Foreign Workers as well as Live-in Caregivers are sourced from India.






Ramesh Nookala, Founder & Principal Consultant, Adventure Immigration Services has a strong passion to provide immigration related services.  Having travelled extensively all over the world he has realized the vital needs of the people who are desirous of immigrating to Canada from various countries considering the long term benefits for themselves and their families due to obvious reasons.

Some people aspire to immigrate to Canada as they believe that they can get the best quality of life, health, education, old age and security benefits when compared to their home country or  country of residence.

For example, many people who are working on work permits in countries like Singapore and in the Middle East are well aware that some day or other they may have to return back to their home country if not permitted to work any more.  And, unfortunately, their dream of becoming Permanent Residents/Citizens in such of these countries doesn’t always come true.

Similarly, many people who experience political instability or insecurity in their home countries are also looking to immigrate to Canada due to the fact that Canada is considered as one of the safest, secure and peaceful nations in the world.

The list goes on…….
Our goal is to provide each client with a successful outcome by determining the most appropriate solution. If you would like to know whether you could be eligible to immigrate to Canada, we invite you to complete our online assessment questionnaire.

If you are interested in seeking professional assistance to guide you through the immigration process or if you have any questions, please contact us.

Our services are guaranteed to suit the clients’ needs. Our team consists of highly professional staff members, and associates who are registered members of Immigration Consultants of Canada Regulatory Council (ICCRC).

We, at Adventure Immigration Services, pride ourselves in always being informed of any changes that may impact upon our clients. We have made it a policy to be always on top of everything that may help our clients to have a smooth process. We make use of the latest technology to provide excellent services and to have optimal internal processes and organization.  Through our network of Franchise/Agents we will be able to assist our clients in our offices in several countries. If we do not have an agent in a country, we make use of technology to provide the same level of service that all our clients experience and deserve.

Our vision is to become an integral consulting company to which people turn to for immigration, education, career and professional development services. We empower individuals to move ahead in life!

Our mission is to:

  • provide integral and superior immigration services to our clients worldwide.  It is to simplify the immigration process for clients, in what is perhaps their most important decision, “Immigration to Canada”.
  • provide competent, efficient and reliable services to our clients and help them realize their dreams of coming to Canada.
  • provide relocation, resettlement and related services to new immigrants to Canada to give them an opportunity to become productive members of Canadian society

We are committed to:

  • providing utmost professional service,  with personal attention to detail and a view to helping clients make  well-informed decisions by presenting them with options and accurate information so that their stay in or migration to Canada will be a pleasant and exciting journey of success
  • providing the clients with the right tools and knowledge necessary for their immigration to Canada
  • providing the respect that you deserve and the Canadian immigration advice you require

The subsequent values we have established for ourselves will enable us to reach our vision through:

Integrity : We will uphold our high standards of reliability in our interaction with people and approach to business at all times.
Ethics : We will conduct our business with the utmost ethical standards and in harmony with our code of ethics.
Dependability : We will endeavor to be reasonable, honest, courteous and professional in all our dealings with our clients and support them all the way.
Employees : Our people are our strength and we are faithful to their fair and effective selection, development, motivation and recognition in a supportive environment in order to achieve excellence in work and customer satisfaction.
Customer Satisfaction : We dedicate ourselves to superior customer relations and will exceed customer expectations through continuous improvement in quality and service by capitalizing on opportunities to enable our client’s meet their goals.
Continuous Learning : We will continuously strive for superiority in whatever we do by upgrading ourselves constantly to be of better service to our employees, clients and the community. We are dedicated to growing the company through steady improvement of our operations and pursue opportunities to promote our business model and capabilities to meet new challenges.
We will act on behalf of clients and agree to abide by the ICCRC standard of Professional Conduct.:

  • To advise all potential clients that applying to Canada does not require them to use the services of an Immigration Consultant
  • To accept tasks for only those services which we are capable of providing and believe there will be real benefits to the client
  • To interact with a client and embark on an applicant’s file in representing, advising or consulting to the best of our ability
  • To act responsibly, with due diligence and in a timely manner in the handling of our client’s case
  • To not engage in any unlawful activity personally or on behalf of a client
  • To keep the client reasonably informed and do all work in a professional manner
  • To hold in strict confidence all information acquired in the course of a professional relationship concerning the affairs of our clients
  • To provide clients with complete and accurate information pertaining to their interest in immigration to Canada
  • To accept responsibility for performing our duties in a manner that will establish realistic expectations of services to our clients
  • To serve the client in a conscientious, diligent and efficient manner in order to reach established goals
  • To act responsibly in managing a client’s case and act within the bounds of the law to obtain the best results for the client
  • To respect the dignity and integrity of all individuals and ensure fair and equitable treatment in all aspects of the provision of immigration services to Canada