Business immigration programs are designed for successful business people who are seeking new opportunities in Canada. The attractiveness of Investor Program is that once an applicant becomes a Permanent Resident, there are no conditions attached.

Note: As of July 1, 2012, CIC is not accepting federal Investor applications for the time being. This is so they can focus on processing the applications they already have and review the program. This pause on new applications will go on until further notice. It does not apply to the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program.

The Immigrant Investor Program (IIP) aims to have experienced business people contribute to Canada’s growth and long-term prosperity by investing in Canada’s economy. Investors must:

  • show that they have business experience
  • have a net worth of at least C$1,600,000 that was gained legally and
  • invest C$800,000.

Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) will divide your investment between participating provinces and territories. They will use it for projects to develop their economies and create jobs for five years.

Your investment is guaranteed. CIC will return it, without interest, about five years and three months after payment.

If CIC approves your application, you must make your investment before they issue a permanent resident visa. You must usually do this within 30 days.

The investor class applicant must have a personal net worth of at least CDN $1,600,000. You will be required to make an investment of CDN $800,000, paid to the Receiver General of Canada. The full amount of the investment (without interest) is repaid to the investor after five years. The exact date of repayment depends on when the CDN $800,000 is received by Citizenship and Immigration Canada. At the latest, the amount would be returned five years and 3 months after the date of payment.
Please note that investment financing options are also available.


In order to qualify, you will be assessed against five selection factors:

  • age,
  • education,
  • official languages,
  • experience, and
  • adaptability.

For each selection factor, a specific number of selection points are allotted. If you have a score lower than a total of 35 points, your application may be refused.
Business experience in respect of an investor means:

  • The management of a qualifying business and the control of a percentage of equity of a qualifying business for at least two years in the period beginning five years before the date of application. You should be able to prove any two of the following factors:
Factors % Owned Enterprises
  100% 50% 33.33%
Number of full-time job equivalents 2 4 6
Total annual sales $ 500,000 $ 1,000,000 $ 1,500,000
Income this year $ 50,000 $ 1,00,000 $ 1,50,000
Assets at the end of year $ 125,000 $ 250,000 $ 375,000


  • The management of at least five full-time job equivalents per year in a business for at least two years in the period beginning five years before the date of application.


Under the Canada-Quebec Accord, the province of Quebec operates its own immigrant investor program. All investors in the Quebec program must intend to live in Quebec and must be selected by Quebec. In common with the federal program, investors in the Quebec program must invest CDN $800,000 and have a net worth of CDN $1,600,000.

Business Immigration under Provincial Nominee Programs

If you do not qualify under the Federal Investor Program, you may be eligible to apply under Provincial Business Class. For further information or questions regarding Business Class requirements or financing options, please feel free to contact our office. If you would like to know whether you could be eligible to immigrate to Canada in the Investor category, we invite you to complete our online assessment questionnaire: On-line Assessment Questionnaire.

Cap on the number of applications

As of June 25, 2011 there is a cap on the number of applications to be processed per year

A maximum of 700 new federal Immigrant Investor applications will be considered for processing each year.

In calculating the cap, applications will be considered in order of the date they are received. Applications received on the same date will be considered for processing having regard to routine office procedures.

For the unique purpose of calculating the caps, the cap year will begin on July 1, 2011 and end on June 30, 2012, unless otherwise indicated in a future Ministerial Instruction. Subsequent years will be calculated from July 1st to June 30th, unless otherwise indicated in a future Ministerial Instruction.

Instructions for processing Federal Investor Class applications

Federal Immigrant Investor applications (In order to be considered, applications must be completed according to the application kit requirements in place at the time the application is received by the designated office.) received by the Centralized Intake Office in Sydney, Nova Scotia on or after July 1, 2011, not exceeding the identified cap shall be placed into processing.

Our goal is to provide each client with a successful outcome by determining the most appropriate solution. If you would like to know whether you could be eligible to immigrate to Canada, we invite you to complete our online assessment questionnaire.

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