Our clients do not have to worry about the forms. We will prepare them for them and make sure that they are filled properly and without errors.

No. Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations (IRPR) clearly say that you can send your application only to the office that is responsible for your country of residence. If you are in a country that is not your native country, you can send the application to the office responsible for this country but only if you were admitted to this country for at least one year. In another words, if you came as a visitor to any country, you cannot submit your application in this country.

You cannot. Once you are in Canada as a visitor, you cannot change your status unless you become a spouse of Canadian citizen or permanent resident or claim a refugee status and your claim has been approved. Even if you find a job in Canada, you will have to apply for a work permit outside Canada. You could apply for work permit in USA if you already have a visitor visa to USA. If not, you will have to send your application to your home country or the office that is responsible for that country.

In theory, you can. Everybody has the right to ask for protection and have the opportunity to have his claim heard. But it is unlikely that your claim will be accepted and that you will become permanent resident based on such a claim. You should talk to a reputable Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) or lawyer and ask how your situation can be helped. Often, there are other ways to deal with the problem. Ideally, if you are considering making Canada your home, you will approach a professional immediately, before you start listening to “friends” and unscrupulous “consultants” that promise you anything in exchange for a hefty fee.

Nobody can answer your question. Each application is processed differently and each visa office has different standard processing times. Even if you applied on the same day as your friend, it does not mean that your applications will be processed simultaneously. The best way to ensure that there are no unnecessary delays is to prepare a solid application, properly filled out forms, and complete supporting documents that will conclusively prove your education and experience

You should immediately notify the visa office that you are married and that you have a child. If you want your wife and child to accompany you to Canada, you have to also send new forms and fees for both, with necessary supporting documents.

You could apply but your application will be most likely refused. When you violated immigration rules of the country where you live, why should Canada believe that you will not do the same? Your only option is to return back home and apply at the visa office responsible for your country. Even then, your previous illegal stay in the USA may be a reason for refusal.

You will need to send your friend an invitation letter. Each country has different requirements for such a letter but you can look at a sample invitation letter. It is strongly suggested that you have your signature notarized. You should also send your friend some documents showing that you can afford to support him while he is in Canada. Every application for visitor visa is assessed on its own merit and your friend will have to prove that he will return home after his visit. For more detailed information please contact us and schedule a consultation.

That would depend on your education and experience. Some occupations are in high demand in Canada and it may be possible for us to find you work. However, we are immigration firm and not recruiting agency and that’s why we work with several recruiting agencies that specialize in searching for companies that are willing to hire foreign workers. The cost of this service can be quite high. If you are interested in finding more, please email us your resume first