Our Services

We at Adventure Immigration Services provide Canada immigration services to match your Canadian Immigration needs.

Adventure Immigration Services, under the direction of  our Principal Consultant, Ramesh Nookala  will:


  • Assess your Canadian immigration eligibility for free
    Before you retain our Canada immigration services, we offer:

    • Personalized assessments of your qualifications
    • Email responses to your inquiries
    • Telephone discussion with our firm


  • Facilitate your Application Process
    Once you retain our Canada immigration services, we will:

    • Determine your Canadian immigration category
    • Professional preparation and presentation of your profile
    • Check and submit your application in complete shape and order
    • Communicate with your Canadian Immigration Visa Office
    • Prepare you for your personal interview
    • Track your application until your Canada Immigration (Permanent Resident) Visa is issued


  • Address your Concerns and Provide Solutions
    • Finding Work in Canada
    • Canadian Immigration Application Processing Times
    • Canadian Immigration Process
    • Proving Work Experience
    • Proving English Language Ability


  • Provide you with Work in Canada Tools and Resources
    • Guidance to Job Search
    • Canada Resume Builder
    • Work Permit Services


  • Provide you with our Canada Work Permit Services
    • Verification of the job offer’s eligibility
    • Preparation and submission of your application
    • Communicate with the appropriate government office
    • Track your application until your Canada Work Permit is issued


  • Provide you with Adventure Immigration Services Network of information
    • Blog
    • Monthly Newsletter
    • Canadian Immigration News


  • Help you with any Immigration Problems
    • Medical Inadmissibility
    • Criminal Inadmissibility
    • Application Refusal
    • Long Delays


  • Ease your Relocation, Employment and Settlement in Canada
    To help you with your Relocation, Employment and Settlement in Canada, we will:

    • Provide you guidance with Job Search Tool and employment resources
    • Prepare you for your arrival at a Canadian port of entry
    • Help you find accommodation
    • Guide you to apply for PR Cards, Social Insurance Number, Service Cards, Driving Licence, Open Bank Accounts, Admissions to Schools/Colleges/Universities
    • Explain your Canadian Residency obligations
    • Advise you about Canadian Citizenship

Note:  The above services are general in nature.  We will commit to provide the services much in relevance to the specific category of immigration the Client applies for.


The following describes our process from initial contact to final service delivery:

  1. You contact us by e-mail or phone to request information about working, studying, or immigrating to Canada or fill out our Free Online Assessment Form.
  2. When we have evaluated your information, we will send you a more detailed assessment tailored to your specific situation. There is a nominal CDN$150 fee for this assessment which will be credited to your account if you decide to engage our services.
  3. After we receive your form and payment, we will determine whether you appear to qualify and provide you with an overview of your immigration options along with a Retainer Agreement.
  4. If you decide to retain our services, a down payment of 50% of the total fee is payable upon signing the Retainer Agreement. The CDN$150 assessment fee will be deducted from the cost of preparing and submitting your application, as outlined in the Retainer Agreement.
  5. Once a Retainer Agreement is in place, we will provide you with detailed recommendations outlining the options and strategies that offer you the best chance of a successful application.
  6. Once you have selected the option you like best, we will assist you in assembling your application package by filling out the required forms, providing you with a list of documents that we will require to complete the application, including language testing (if necessary), transcripts, criminal record checks, medical forms, photos etc.
  7. Once the application package is completed and you have signed the forms, we will double check to ensure that the application is ‘perfected’ and prepare a submission letter for Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) that presents your case in a clear and compelling manner.
  8. The completed application package will be submitted to CIC upon payment of the balance remaining.
  9. We will monitor your application, answering any requests for further information or documentation from CIC, and keep you informed until processing is complete.

Here is how the process works!


So, what are you waiting for?

Our goal is to provide each client with a successful outcome by determining the most appropriate solution. If you would like to know whether you could be eligible to immigrate to Canada, we invite you to complete our online assessment questionnaire.

If you are interested in seeking professional assistance to guide you through the immigration process or if you have any questions, please contact us.